Moby Dick AAAA Popcorn Buds

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Moby Dick AAAA Popcorn Buds – Sativa – The Healing Co


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Moby Dick AAAA Popcorn Bud – Sativa – The Healing Co

Originating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick has a high THC content making it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of Girl of the Year; by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz. This strain is also favoured for its short flowering period, mold resistance, and high yield, making it a grower favourite. However, the plant does require more attention and care. The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones.

Effects: Happy, uplifted, relaxed, euphoric, energetic.
Medical uses: Stress, depression, pain, headaches, lack of appetite.
Flavors: Citrus, sweet, earthy.

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Moby Dick AAAA Popcorn Buds

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1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce

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  1. Brenda Ellis (verified owner)

    Have ordered this now a couple times. Having smoked this strain before, my only concern was the popcorn description. The bonus is virtually no stems. At a price point almost too good to be true, this is awesome….ordering another one right now.

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