Custom Smoke Premium Cannabis Cigars


Custom Smoke Premium Cannabis Cigars. Cigars meets Cannabis, 5.5 grams of premium bud with .5 grams of quality distillate. All “Beyondgars” are 100% Tobacco Free!

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Beyond Smoking Premium Cannabis Cigars has changed their name to Custom Smoke.

Cigars meets Cannabis, 5.5 grams of premium bud with .5 grams of quality distillate. All “Beyondgars” are 100% Tobacco Free!   Cured for over 2 weeks. Hand Rolled, Wood tipped and custom 24k gold trimming.  Comes in a protective tube and Hemp wick wrap.

Custom Smoke Premium Cannabis Cigars

For someone new to cannagars, what exactly are cannabis cigars?

In our mind a Cannabis Cigar is a pre-roll, that consists of a center vent hole known as the “worm hole”. The cannabis should be completely solid when completed, added concentrate and an organic wrap (No tobacco) and should burn for hours!

Our Cannabis Cigars are a bit different then most. We don’t leave the skewer in the cigar for the customer to remove, we remove it before final packaging, just pop the top, remove the protective hemp wick and light it up.
Our packages offer lighting instructions with all of our cigars to make sure you maximize your smoking experience.
We use a 100% organic non GMO hemp wrap instead of Cannabis fan leaf’s.
This we find gives our Beyondgars a much smoother smoke, and a better smoking experience as there is no chlorophyll. Not to say we don’t roll with fan leaf by special order. We make custom smoke for any and all smokers throughout Canada.

Custom Smoke Premium Cannabis Cigars

Why does someone need a cannagar, what experience are a cannabis cigar perfect for and what demographics?
Cannabis Cigars are great for weddings, party’s, recording tracks in the studio, and pretty much any group event with Cannabis! Our cannagars are a wonderful gift or just for a night on the town.
But don’t take it lightly, once lit, even our smallest cigar (The Fatty) will burn for just under an hour. Many Cannabis Cigars are extremely expansive for the size offered.
We offer ongoing production of the some of the biggest Cannabis cigars in Canada at the best possible prices. Our largest cigar “Zeus” has 28 grams of flower added 4g of THC distillate added keif and wrapped in 24k Gold with a burn time from 3-4 hours.
Fear not we have designed our cigars so that if you need to cut your smoking session short use a cigar cutter or scissors to cut off the cherry, this will give u a smooth relight without a nasty already burnt roach taste.
We offer many different strains from Sai-Fi organics, Next level farms along with our personal home grown.

Custom Smoke Premium Cannabis Cigars



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